The Top Benefits of Sugaring vs. Waxing


The Top Benefits of Sugaring vs. Waxing

Hair removal can be a pain…in more ways than one! Before you schedule your next Brazilian wax, think about trying a different treatment: Sugaring. Sugaring is becoming more and more popular around the world and can be a great alternative hair removal treatment if you are looking for something longer-lasting than shaving but less painful than waxing. Both waxing and sugaring remove hair from the follicle, leading to longer-lasting results than shaving. However, there are many perks to sugaring. You may find that sugaring is a better way for you to go about your hair removal, especially if you’ve had some bad reactions to waxing previously! Read on to learn about the history, process, and the top benefits of sugaring vs. waxing.


Sugaring was first documented as being used by the Persians in 1900 B.C. Egyptians also embraced smooth, hairless skin and were some of the first to practice hair removal. A warmed mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and water was applied to the hair, covered with a cloth, and removed when cooled to pull the hair away. Although hair removal is a fairly recent trend in European countries (over the last century), in places like Egypt, Greece, and the Middle East, hair removal has been happening for multiple centuries!


If you are familiar with waxing…forget everything you know! Sugaring is very different from waxing in both the application and removal method. We take a hardball of the sugar mixture and gently apply it three times across the section of hair. Then, we remove the hair from the follicle in a flicking motions similar to waxing; the difference, though, is that we remove the hair in the same direction as the hair growth, not against it. This means far less ingrown hairs and red bumps. Is it pain-free? No; we are still pulling hair from a sensitive area. However, your skin afterwards feels soft and smooth, almost as if nothing ever happened. Clients tell us they get longer time between services, the hair grows back finer, and our clients experience far fewer ingrown hairs with sugaring.


Although waxing is a more well-known method of hair removal, it may not be the best method for everyone. Check out the benefits of sugaring vs. waxing to decide if a change in your hair removal routine is in order.


One of the most inconvenient things about waxing is the waiting period. For wax to be most effective, the hair should be at least ¼” long. Although the smoothness is nice, having to let those hairs grow (and grow..) can leave you in some prickly situations. With sugaring, the wait time is less. The hair can be as short as 1/8” and sugaring will still be effective! So if you’re finding yourself struggling to wait for the hair re-growth period, sugaring may be the best choice.


The recipe for sugaring is all-natural. It is made up of three basic ingredients: Sugar, lemon juice, and water. Occasionally some sugaring recipes will also add essential oils to help soothe the skin post-treatment. Waxing, on the other hand, usually consists of multiple chemicals. Sugaring is a healthier, eco-friendly, natural hair removal method that gives the same smooth finish without the chemicals!


Because sugaring is made from all-natural ingredients and does not attach to live skin cells, it is perfect for the sensitive Brazilian hair removal service. Sugaring also can’t rip or tear the skin like waxing can, leaving you with fewer post-treatment woes than waxing.


The application for waxing is different than sugaring. When waxing, the hot wax is applied in the direction of hair growth. To remove, an applied cloth strip or just the wax are pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth. When an esthetician sugars, the ball of sugar is rolled onto the hair and removed in the same direction of the hair growth. This results in less hair breakage, and therefore, less ingrown hairs.


If you’ve had a wax, you know there can often be some sticky situations afterwards! To remove and dissolve wax, it takes a special type of solution. Sugaring clean up, on the other hand, is much simpler. Because the sugaring mixture is made up primarily of sugar, it is water-soluble! There is no more leaving the spa in a sticky mess! After your service, we give you a warm towel, and any sugar residue melts off leaving your skin baby soft!

At Lake Life Boutique Spa, our goal is to educate you on all of your spa service options! We’d love to set up a consultation and go through our personalized hair removal procedures. Sugaring, although a lesser-known hair removal method, is becoming increasingly popular. If you’ve still got questions, or you’re ready to try something new, book an appointment with us at Lake Life Boutique Spa!