Spa Policies & FAQ

What you need to know before your appointment.

General FAQ

We currently do not have any RMT’s on staff. RMT’s are Registered Massage Therapists who hold valid licenses in B.C. and are able to provide receipts for medical reimbursement. At this time none of our staff are RMT’s.

We require 24 hours notice to cancel or change all spa appointments to avoid a 100% charge.

Yes, with advance notice we love to host groups! Please call us directly to discuss 250 804 4836

To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, we ask that guests do not bring children under 10 to the spa, as their unpredictable noise levels can disturb others\’ relaxing spa experiences.

We do not allow babies to accompany mom in the spa, only because other guests are often getting massages or facials and we have found that although children are adorable, they are unpredictable with noise levels, and we need to respect our other spa guests.

We do not offer pre natal massage at this time.

We specialize in Brazilian sugaring at Lake Life Day Spa so you are in expert hands. We use both hard wax and strip wax depending on the sensitive areas being treated. We also provide pre and post waxing products to help soothe the area. You should expect your wax to be clean, quick, and as comfortable as we can make it for you. Your hair needs to be ¼ inch long. If it is any longer we suggest trimming before your appointment. We also suggest exfoliating 1 day prior to your treatment to allow for better waxing results.

Yes, as long as you are wearing a feminine product, we are ok with it if you are.