Corrective Facials

Get instantly glowing, radiant skin that lasts with these corrective facials.

All of the skin treatments are personalized to your unique skin, focussing on what
you need most incorporating the most active, pure ingredients that provide a visible
change in your skin.

Corrective Facials

Incorporating pharmaceutical grade skin care with holistic facial massage techniques, these luxurious, completely customized facials leave your skin hydrated, nourished and glowing. Select the longer services if you are craving additional massage time where we focus on sculpting, lifting, and pressure points, as well as our famous neck, shoulder and scalp massage that will leave you incredibly relaxed and connected to one’s self.

Biologique Recherche Luxury Cryo Facial
$239 (reg $265) | 75 mins

Restore youthful radiance with this soothing, lifting, tightening, and anti-inflammatory Biologique Recherche Luxury CRYO Facial. This hyper-customized facial for stressed, imbalanced, or sensitive skin replaces the use of heat with a unique cryotherapy mask and lymphatic drainage massage techniques giving you a radiant, glowing complexion with visibly tighter pores and a smoother, more even tone and texture. Includes time for a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage. (Reg $265)

*Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive or reactive.

Biologique Recherche Radiance Booster Duo Facial
$199 (Reg $235)| 60 mins

Reveal skin that is instantly luminous, fresh, and radiant with, the BR Radiance Booster Duo combining an illuminating light peel with a pharmaceutical grade brightening mask to smooth and diminishes skin irregularities while toning and firming the complexion, promoting cell regeneration, and lightening hyper-pigmentation. (Reg $225)

*Add Extra 15 Mins Massage Time +$35
*Customized for all skin conditions

Biologique Recherche Booster Facial
$225 | 60 mins

This sensory touch facial is highly customized using pure, cold pressed ingredients combined with manual lymphatic facial massage techniques to give you a sculpted, lifted and toned effect. A cool, cryo face massage will penetrate the mask into your skin helping reduce inflammation, increase circulation, leaving your skin visibly hydrated, soothed, and incredibly nourished. 

*Add Extra 15 Mins Massage Time +$35
*Customized for all skin conditions

Biologique Recherche Introductory Facial
$175 | 45 mins

A deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation and customized mask is an excellent introductory balancing facial restores hydration and soothes your skin. Includes time for consultation and home care recommendations. Suitable for quick rebalancing or refresh, or for first time facial clients.

*Add Extra 15 Mins Massage Time +$35
*Customized for all skin conditions

Bespoke Moisture Restore Facial
$215 | 60 mins

Incorporating the power of the Oxygeneo 3 in 1 super-facial, this treatment focuses on gently resurfacing and oxygenating your skin. Concentrated nourishing serums will be pressed in using ultrasound to give long lasting results. Your skin will be smooth, clear and visibly refined. Finish your treatment with a deeply relaxing aromatherapy neck , shoulder and scalp massage.*Customized for all skin conditions

Clarify Facial
$175 | 45 Mins

Includes Oxygeneo Microdermabrasion, charcoal and salicylic acid to help gently resurface your skin, regulate sebaceous secretions and detoxifies oily and acne prone skin. Includes extractions, minimizes pores, and provides soothing hydration.

*Add Extra 15 Mins Massage Time +$35
*Suitable for breakout skin, acne skin, congested skin.

Dermaplaning Facial 
$175 | 45 mins

A simple & safe method of manual exfoliation that consists of using a scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells, and fine vellus hairs in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Includes a customized facial mask, targeted serum & moisturizer, leaving your skin incredibly smooth and hydrated.

*Perfect for all skin except sensitive or acne

Facial Enhancements
$35 + | 15 Mins


$50 - 25 mins

Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage

$35 - 15 mins

Foot & Lower Leg Massage

$35 - 15 mins

Oxygeneo 3 In 1 Super-Facial
$160 | 30 mins

Exfoliate – Infuse – Oxygenate your skin with this powerful, innovative technology, giving you an instantly glowing complexion that lasts for weeks. Your skin will look younger, smoother, and will be optimized for nutrient absorption.

*Add on Dermaplane +50
*Customized for all skin conditions

HydraGlow Peel  
$115 | 30 mins

Customized light chemical peel to reveal instantly brighter, smoother, clearer skin with an incredible, hydrated glow.

*Suitable for all skin types.

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