Myth Busters


Myth Busters

There are so many myths about skin care out there and I thought it was time that I gave you some actual facts! Here are my favourites:

MYTH: I need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for my skin to be hydrated.????????????

FACT: Outside humidity and topical hydrators, like serums or creams full of  hyaluronic acid,  not how much water you consume, will determine how dry or dehydrated your skin is. Almost none of the water you drink gets to your skin. Although your skin is your largest organ, all your internal organs will absorb the water first, leaving the skin out.

MYTH: Almost 90% of sun damage is done before you’re 19, so it doesn’t matter what I do now.????

FACT: Although one severe sunburn when you are young can double your chances of developing skin cancer as an adult, sun damage is cumulative over your lifetime. Studies show that by age 18, you’ve only acquired 23% of your lifetime UVA exposure. So I always say, you NEED to find a sunscreen you can love enough to wear 365 days a year.


Your topical mineral powder or foundation that has SPF built in, is only enough SPF coverage IF you are wearing ½ teaspoon of product!  I always prescribe clients to use either a moisturizer that contains SPF or a sunblock after their moisturizer. Then, when you apply your mineral spf makeup, it’s an added bonus.

MYTH: Your skin “gets used to” skin care products, which makes them stop working. ????️

FACT: For most skincare products, you’ll see the full extent of the corrective benefits within approximately 12 weeks. The preventative benefits however, are ongoing, and difficult to measure, but I would say this is actually more important than the corrective benefits. Just because your skin is no longer seeing the rapid and immediate changes you first noticed when you started a regime, does not mean it’s not working. What happens after the corrective process is achieved, is your regime is working to maintain those benefits.

Consider this: You start a corrective skin care regime. Week 12 you see radical changes. Week 13 – 52 you see moderate changes. Week 53 – 104 (2 years later), you don’t see much change from week 52 to week 104. But, imagine how you would have aged further though in that second year if you had not been using your preventative and corrective regime?

MYTH: Dermaplaning is like shaving your face, so won’t this service make me have a beard?????

FACT: Not if you have it done by a professional. (Please don’t buy a blade on amazon and shave your face!). Firstly – Dermaplaning’s main goal is to scrape off the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin prior to doing a light chemical peel. The bonus is that your peach fuzz is also removed – which people LOVE????. This gives you that smooth polished look to your skin. We use the blade to remove your peach fuzz (this hair is called vellus hair) – and this hair is impossible to ever grow back thicker – so no, your peach fuzz will not come back thicker and darker. However, terminal hair (like lip and chin hair) – if you dermaplane that – will 100% be like shaving. And as trained professionals, we know the difference. So what we do if you have terminal hair on your lip or chin, is we wax that first, then we dermaplane around it.

This is one of my favorite services to do, followed by the Oxygeneo 3 in 1 super-facial. This will hands down give you the most beautiful, glowing, clear skin you have ever seen!

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