Your Top Brazilian Sugaring Questions



Brazilian Wax

As summer rapidly approaches, I’m sure we’re all thinking about the 3 B words –  Bikinis, Beaches, and Bottomless Mimosas! 

But are you thinking about Brazilians? Getting a Brazilian for the first time, or even if looking to get back to your smoothest self – can be intimidating. Do you want to start taking care of yourself down there but don’t know where to start? 

You might have a million questions racing through your mind before your first Brazilian Sugar.

Like – Does Brazilian Sugaring hurt? How often should you get a Brazilian? Should I trim before my Brazilian? What am I supposed to do after I wax my vag? Can I get a Brazilian while pregnant? What’s the difference between Brazilian Sugaring vs. Traditional Brazilian Waxing?

The good news is – we’ve got you covered. We are going to answer all of your questions about Brazilians, Sugaring, and explain why Sugaring is better than Brazilian Waxing. From the first-time Brazilian client to the seasoned Brazilian Babe looking to get back in the game we have all of the answers that you’re looking for about Brazilians. So, sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Does Brazilian Sugaring hurt?

Yes – frankly we are pulling your hair out. We won’t lie to you. But, sugaring hurts WAY less than traditional waxing. 

At our Salmon Arm Spa location, we use Sugar (a paste made up of three ingredients – sugar, water, and lemon) for the sensitive areas of your body (like your nether regions). 

Why does Sugaring hurt less during a Brazilian? Sugar doesn’t attach to your skin, so you’ll feel much less irritated after the service, less red, and honestly feels like nothing even happened! You’re just smooth, soft, and ready for the beach! 

Can I get a Brazilian while on my period? 

Look, we’re women too, and last time I checked, we don’t stop what we’re doing because we got our period. We could care less. Just put in a tampon, let us know when you arrive, and it’s no big deal! 

Will my Brazilian hurt more when I have my period? 

Yes and no. I find it hurts me more the week before my period. You know, that week you’re especially mean to your spouse or pretty much anyone who dares to come near you? 

What I try to do is get my Brazilian clients on a schedule that works around their cycle and work around the week that they’re most sensitive. I personally find that once my period has arrived, my Brazilian hurts no more or less than usual. 

How Long Does A  Brazilian Take? 

I do Brazilian Sugaring in less than 30 minutes. Usually, 15-20 Minutes is all I need. There’s no reason for your Brazilian to take more than 30 minutes. 

How Long Does My Hair Need to be for a Brazilian? 

We base our timing for length and the time to rebook your Brazilian around the 4 Main Stages of Hair Growth. Ideally you’ll want your hair to be as long as four days post-shave or 4 weeks post-sugar. 

Do you hate looking at my vagina? It’s my first time getting a Brazilian and I’m a little nervous. 

No. I promise you. I LOVE doing Brazilians. I know it sounds weird. But, I could care less that I’m looking at your va jay jay. I think women’s bodies are beautiful and magical. 

Helping Women feel sexy, confident, and comfortable in their skin makes me happy. 

When you arrive, we give you a little wipe in case you need a refresh. After that, you get changed, climb up on the massage table and we give you a towel for privacy. Usually, after you get settled I’ll chat your ear off about anything and everything to try to distract you from the entire service. 

What if it’s been several months and looks like the Amazon forest down there?

AKA Should I trim before a Brazilian? 

I recommend giving yourself a little trim before you come in. Also, let us know when you book your appointment that you’ve been rocking it 70’s style, so that I can take an extra 5-10 minutes and do smaller sections for you. Then we’ll rebook you to come in and see us in 4 weeks, so that the foliage in the forest isn’t as thick. 

Can I get Brazilian while pregnant?

Yes absolutely! I sugar my Brazilian Mamas to be right up to their due date. We just make it work the bigger your belly gets, but it is perfectly safe for both you and the little one. 

Have questions about what to do after your first Brazilian? Our experienced estheticians talk to each of our clients through the aftercare process including specialized product recommendations to address all of your needs for self-care down there. 

Do I need to do anything before Waxing for my first time?

Before every wax, we recommend a gentle pre-wax exfoliation. Ideally between 24 before your appointment and with a gentle exfoliant or scrub like Bush Balm Dark Spot Hair Scrub.

How do I prolong my smooth skin between sugaring appointments?

Aftercare! A good home aftercare routine is the best way to prolong your results between your sugaring appointments. In addition to coming to get a sugar every 4-6 weeks, exfoliation and moisturizing is key in getting the results you want. We love Bush Balm’s natural scrubs for waxing aftercare. As a bonus, they also target common concerns like ingrown hair and dark spots. 

A chemical exfoliant option is Bush Balm’s Roller Rescue Soothing Serum. Formulated with AHA/BHA, this lightweight serum gently smooths rough texture, helps visibly clear pores and improves the look of redness after hair removal. Paired with an easy-to-use stainless steel rollerball applicator for a soothing and cooling effect

Another great and inexpensive option for exfoliation is SugarSmac‘s ground loofah bar which contains ground pieces of loofah to gently exfoliate the skin with natural ingredients. 

Why should you come and see us at Lake Life Day Spa for your Brazilian? 

First-time Brazilian Sugaring can be nerve-wracking, but I promise you that I will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable and confident during the appointment.

If you have a question that you didn’t see answered here or if you are convinced that Brazilian life is the one for you give us a call at 250-804-4836 or book now online.

Our calendar is rapidly filling up as summer approaches, book today and let us get you ready for the beach!