Stacey -crop


Owner / Senior Esthetician

I'm Stacey, a Master Esthetician with 25 years of experience. I started my business 14 years ago by becoming a Brazilian expert and literally built two businesses from the ground up on that service. Both of these services require a vulnerability from the woman on my table to trust me, and the connect I create while giving them such an intimate service brings me joy. I love that when a woman leaves my room they feel lighter, happier, more confident and shared a few laughs, sometimes tears with a new friend. I'm passionate about helping women feel their best.

Stacey's Mantra is It’s either this or something better. Everything always will work out just exactly as it is supposed to.

Originally from

Stacey grew up on Vancouver Island, then went to Whistler, Mexico and now the Shuswap

Favourite thing about living in the Shuswap


Favourite song

Anything upbeat country.

Favourite spa treatment

Luxurious Facials and Brazilians!

Fun fact

Stacey loves animals! I am a foster failure and love to volunteer when I can at the SPCA or with international dog rescues.

Education & Experience

As a self-proclaimed skin care nerd, I'm passionate about helping you achieve healthy skin, regardless of your age. I nerd out on skin care in my spare time and love taking continuing courses in anything wellness related. My mission is to simplify your skincare routine and make it effective, removing any confusion or overwhelm you may feel.