Debunking Sun Exposure Myths

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Sunscreen applied on a back
Sunscreen Applied on back

Debunking Sunscreen Myths 

Let’s talk about sunscreen. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of any skincare routine, but there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding SPF (Sun Protection Factor). To help you separate fact from fiction, we’re debunking 10 common SPF myths that you need to know.

Myth: No Burn, No Cancer. A Tan Looks Healthy.

Truth: Don’t be fooled! Even if you don’t burn, your skin can still get damaged. And that tan? It’s actually a sign of skin cell damage, not health.

Myth: Sunscreen Blocks Vitamin D.

Truth: People severely overestimate the amount of UV exposure needed to meet vitamin D requirements. A good rule of thumb: You don’t need to “work” at getting enough sunlight (a few minutes outside in early morning or late afternoon would be enough).

In fact, too much UV exposure can have the opposite effect on vitamin D levels. How? For the skin to absorb vitamin D, sunlight triggers a cholesterol-like substance within the skin to convert it into an active form of vitamin D that can be distributed throughout the body. However, after about 20 minutes of unprotected sun exposure, UVA rays begin to break down vitamin D so that it cannot be converted into its usable form.

Myth: It’s Too Late for Sun Protection.

Truth: Even if you used tanning beds, didn’t wear sunscreen or laid out in the sun when you were younger, it’s never too late to start protecting your skin. You can still prevent further damage and even reverse some signs of aging with the right care.

Sunscreen Facts: What You Need to Know

Myth: You only need to apply a little bit of sunscreen to be protected

Fact: You need to apply more than you think. In fact, almost NO ONE uses enough sunscreen and they don’t apply it enough. 

You need ½ teaspoon to give enough coverage on your face – this is where people always use too little. And for the body, you need at least 1 shot glass, if not two. Make sure to re-apply throughout the day to boost your protection. 

Myth: Makeup with SPF is Enough.

Fact: Makeup with SPF is a bonus, but it’s not enough on its own. For proper protection, choose an additional Sunscreen to put underneath your makeup. It’s recommended to use a dedicated sunscreen underneath your makeup. Why? Unless you are wearing ½ teaspoon of your mineral make up (we love Jane Iredale) you need a spf 30 over your moisturizer and before your mineral make up. 

Myth: Weather Determines Sunscreen Need.

Fact: Clouds won’t save you from UV rays. Make applying sunscreen a habit every day, rain or shine.

Myth: Clothes Offer Full Protection.

Fact: While clothes help, they’re not foolproof. Dark and tightly-woven fabrics offer better protection than light or loosely-woven fabrics.

Myth: Indoors Means Safety.

Fact: Even indoors, your skin needs protection. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine to shield against indoor UV exposure.

Myth: Dark Skin Doesn’t Need Sunscreen.

Fact: Everyone, regardless of skin tone, needs sunscreen. Even if you have darker skin, you can still get burned and damaged by the sun.

Myth: Driving Shields from Sun Damage.

Fact: Nope, car windows won’t save you. Protect your skin with regular sunscreen application, especially on those long drives.

Myth: Winter Means No Sunscreen.

Fact: Snow reflects UV rays, making winter sun just as dangerous. Don’t skip sunscreen, even in the colder months.

Myth: All Sunscreens are the same

Fact: Not All Sunscreens Are Equal

Not all sunscreens offer the same level of protection. Look for broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF of at least 30.

Let’s talk about two amazing sunscreen lines that stand out:

Coola Classic Body Sunscreen Lotions & Sprays

This award-winning sunscreen line is perfect for active days in the sun or everyday wear. It’s light, organic, and packed with antioxidants to keep your skin safe and healthy. Choose from SPF 50 Classic Body Lotion in a squeeze tube or the SPF 30 Sunscreen Sprays for a fool-proof mist application. Available in captivating fragrances that transport you straight to the beach Guava Mango, Pina Colada, and Tropical Coconut and unscented for those who prefer sunscreens without scents.

TIZO Sunscreens

TIZO Ultra-Zinc SPF Body and Face Sunscreen SPF 40 Tinted & Untinted

With its gentle mineral formula Tizo Ultra-Zinc SPF 40 is great for all skin types. It’s perfect for sensitive skin and post-procedure care, providing reliable protection without any fuss. Available in tinted in and tinted for optimum coverage that suits your preferences.

TIZO2&3 Facial Primer/Sunscreen SPF 40 Tinted & Untinted

Perfect for under makeup, this multi-tasking primer and sunscreen combination is the perfect addition to your sun-care routine. Using Tizo’s proprietary multiple particle size technology in an elegant base Tizo has created the optimum sunscreen for your makeup routine. Available in TIZO2 (Untinted) and TIZO3 (Tinted) this primer layers invisibly under makeup to create a smooth, protected base.

What should you do now that you have the facts?

Ladies, don’t let sunscreen myths ruin your skin. Armed with the truth and the right products, you can keep your skin looking fabulous and sun-safe all year round. So slather on that SPF and enjoy the sunshine responsibly!